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Now Hiring experienced artists!

We’re looking for art-focused, experienced nail artists to add to our team. We are a newer salon that is Pittsburgh Magazine's Best Nail Salon in the Burgh! We are growing quickly, so it’s incredibly important that we are a good fit for you and vice versa. A book of clients that will follow you is a bonus, but not a requirement.

We specifically need artists that are proficient with using an EFile, experience with structured/builder gel, comfortable with GelX extensions, and absolutely focused on fostering amazing client relationships.

In this role, you will be responsible for looking after client’s nails with structured gel manicures, GelX extensions, and various other nail treatments. Your tasks will include maintaining nail beds, shaping and prepping the nails, painting and applying various types of nail art, all while delivering excellent customer service. You’ll also spend some of your time answering your clients’ questions and teaching them how to maintain the treatments that you apply to their nails. You’ll be responsible for following all processes and procedures outlined in our training handbook to ensure that all artists are delivering the same great experience to our customers.

Being on-time to your shifts is extremely important and is a non-negotiable.

The minimum availability for this position is:

Sunday/Monday - Off (Salon is closed)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - 2pm-8pm

Friday - 10am-6pm

Saturday - 10am - 4pm

If you do not have this availability at a minimum, please do not apply at this time. This position will have the ability to add hours to get to Full Time - Tuesday-Thursday (11am-8pm).

You will be responsible for some administrative tasks in addition to those noted above. These include helping promote and sell our products and services, as well as doing your part to maintain the cleanliness of the shop. You may also be responsible for booking clients’ appointments, but not on a regular basis.

We’re looking for a candidate who will be able to complete the major tasks of this role with minimal supervision. You are required to have your PA cosmetology license, formal training in the art of nail care, and ideally, previous experience in a similar role. We do not work with anything but structured gel bases, gel polishes, and GelX extensions - no acrylic, no dip, no regular polish! and no pedicures!

If you fit this description, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you for your time!

Nail Artist Responsibilities:

  • Deliver high-quality manicures and other nail treatments

  • Apply structured gel, UV gel polish, GelX extensions, and art to clients’ nails

  • Listen to your clients’ wishes and make recommendations to help them reach their nail goals

  • Utilize your creativity and unique art style to attract clients

  • Provide excellent customer service to each and every customer

  • Keep all equipment sanitized and in proper working condition

  • Take photos/videos of clients’ nails for social media

  • Upsell clients on various products and services

  • Follow all processes and procedures of the salon

  • Schedule clients for next appointment(s) when applicable

Nail Artist Requirements:

  • All licenses required to practice as a nail artist in Pennsylvania

  • Previous experience in a similar role

  • Be open to feedback and have a willingness to learn and grow

  • In-depth knowledge of nail care techniques, products, and tools

  • Excellent customer service skills

  • Contribute to Beli Nails’ social media presence via photos/videos of services

We are looking for this position to start immediately!

Who we are:

Beli Nails is a brand new, art focused nail salon that has grown from Esbat Nails’ success in 2023. The owners, Beck and Lizzi, want to change up the typical nail salon experience for the artists and customers alike. Beli Nails will be offering a clear path to a higher than average commission rate, PTO, regular raises, as well as supplying all work-related equipment and easing the administrative stress that nail artists usually are expected to handle ex: scheduling, rescheduling, cancellations, and maintaining social media. We want to ensure that all obstacles are removed for the artists to do their best work and allow them to really connect with our customers. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive salon environment that will serve all members of our community with respect and care.

What are we offering each nail artist:

  • Paid hourly training, then 50% commission to start with a clear path to getting to 60% at or before 1 year anniversary

  • PTO accrued weekly

  • Paid parking

  • All equipment is provided by the salon

  • Comfortable and inclusive working environment

  • Ability to leave work at work

  • Consistent days off

  • No pedicures!

  • More benefits to come as we grow!

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